Sedna – work in progress

Sedna 4 small

This is Sedna – The Sea Goddess, again…

I am so fascinated with her: I like the sound of her name, I like that her hair needs to be combed by shamans. I like the pattern her hair might make in the water, I can almost imagine how it feels to the touch. It is very peaceful and calm on the bottom of the sea and time lasts forever.

I draw her again and again, each time examining a different aspect of her or the story about her. How did she feel when her father gave her away? when she realized she married a monster bird, when she was scared and tried to escape, when she was thrown into icy water and left behind. The moment just before she became the sea goddess, and a life time later. Was she lonely? bored? Did she long for someone who never was? Did she want to rule the sea world or is it an infinitely heavy and ever lasting burden?

I think she is going to look good in watercolors. So that is a work in progress…

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