Mongolian Motifs – Work In Progress

Something different today – I have decided to show my work in progress.
This drawing started as a doodle during one of my meetings at work.
(There are few equations on the other side of the page.)


At home I modified the doodle and planted myself in the scene.

Don’t ask me about the teapot. I can’t really explain.
I do drink a lot of tea and I often have guests who drink tea with me.
During the summer I have befriended C. and E. – a couple from Germany.
I really-really like them, but they are leaving in two weeks.
I am sad they are leaving and that is why my goat is a bit emotional.

And here is the current (3rd) version of the actual drawing.

I’ll submit it to the next Illustration Friday Challenge. The topic is TOGETHER.
It is not finished yet and it will take some time. In the meanwhile – enjoy.


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1 comment

  1. Если бы барашек знал ,
    Что он в жизни потерял
    Может понял бы и он
    Жизни каверзный закон –
    Мы не знаем , что теряем ,
    Если это не встречаем.

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