My Guards Will Not Rest and Will Not Sleep

Two weeks ago I went to see the Mesopotamia Exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.
I was alone, without kids and no one was rushing me through – so I could draw as long as I wanted.

What fascinates me the most when browsing the artifacts from ancient times is all
the creatures that people used to worship. For example, this (see my little sketch below) is Mishhushshu – a mythological hybrid creature with eagle talons, feline forelegs and a snake’s head.
His images were very common in the ancient Babylon and I like to think of him as a protective dragon.


Here is another example from the Chinese exhibition at the same museum,
unfortunately I didn’t notice his name when I drew him.

Inspired by all these hybrids I’ve decided to create my own protective creatures.
They will guard my sleep and especially  the door to my dreams.
They will never rest and they will never sleep, they will be always on guard.
This is exactly what I carved in Hebrew on one of the wings.


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  1. Beautiful! I like how the eyes on the hands keep watch…like Argus in Greek mythology. And that’s a really good idea – to hang out in a museum, be inspired, and sketch.

  2. Your kids or someone else’s kids? Those are indeed some complex, bizarre mythological creatures. I prefer simpler ones:D I have taken a fascination in things like tengu, yuki-onna and bakeneko.

    • Ha-ha, I can see how it sounds weird. I meant self inflicted cute little buggers. Other people’s kids do not bother me. I didn’t know about the creatures you mentioned. I am curious about yuki-onna. I’ll have to read a bit about her.

  3. Yuki-Onna is a Japanese mythological specter/spirit of a woman who’s death/origin is questionable. But, she is a snow spirit that often lures people lost in the mountain/winter snow to their death to consume their life essence. Similar to an illusion in the desert heat. But, some yuki-onna are said to enchant men and become wives who only leave the men when their secret is discovered or exposed. They are typically pale skinned with long black hair and red lips. Other legends say she can lead children or lost souls in a blizzard to safety.

    • I guess I prefer the legend about saving lost souls 🙂

      • I like the story of the yuki-onna who marries the man and has a happy life (until he exposes/discovers her secret). It reminds me of those stories where the hero meets some lovely creature in the woods before she runs off because she cannot be with a mortal forever.

        Did you look into bakeneko and tengu?

      • I am not sure I can follow the logic of the first part of your comment. First you say it is ok dying at the hands of someone beautiful, but then you say if she was a lesbian you would revenge. Why would a lesbian with a mullet want to lead you to death? I think I am going to delete your comment after you read my response. Sorry.

        I did look into the other creatures as well. But not enough to say something smart about them.

      • I am saying I don’t want to die at the hands of someone I don’t find beautiful. I could have said I don’t want to die at the hands of an axe murderer with a scar on his face, too. But, this is a female character:P

        I wasn’t out to be…ugh, never mind.

      • You don’t want to die! Period! 🙂

        On Sat, Aug 24, 2013 at 4:43 PM, Lena Gorelick

      • It was a bit offensive to lesbians. I apologize. No, I don’t want to die. But, if I had a choice, I’d walk off into the light with a beautiful woman:)

      • No worries. I have removed the problematic sentence. 🙂

      • The sentence or the whole comment? How do you remove part of a comment? Um…thanks, I guess.

  4. Ну что сейчас мне написать по поводу картины:
    Она ведь божья благодать , искусства именины
    В ней совместились твой талант Египет,Климт и Муха
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