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  1. IMHO, your “3D-like” exercises lack, what your previous “graphic” linework had, some psychological precision, I think it slides a bit in a direction of form, loosing the beauty of inner content, you succeeded to catch so well before. it’s OK to experiment and try new forms and “languages”, but I think, those are less successful shots. again, only my irrelevant opinion.

    • your opinion is very relevant! I like the idea of using blobs, but obviously it is less popular with my not-so-abundant audience.

      • don’t let your audience lead you. never. you are the leader, for better or worse, that’s the right balance. they don’t like it, so what?! as long as you feel “right” about your work, let the whole world burn to ashes! I only said, I think something very subtle in your previous works gets lost in this new experiment, but you did find kind of “symbiosis”, carrying elements of both.

      • I need to adopt something from that attitude. I pretend I don’t care, but what people say affects me deeply.

        On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 2:30 PM, Lena Gorelick

  2. Невзирая на печали
    Тедеса мы накачали…

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