Three Graces

I think this is my best drawing so far.
There were several challenges in it for me:
1. The drawing has three figures, each with its own pose.
So far I have only been drawing one thing at a time.
2. I had to struggle with the poses to make the graces relate to each other.
Too bad I don’t have live models, it would have helped.
Several times I’d assume this or another pose in order to feel it better.
3. Hands, feet and shading were also tricky without a reference.

I am quite happy with the result, although I found out post-factum that Botticelli was not the only one interested in three graces.There are dozens of different triplets of graces.

I am going to submit this drawing to weekly challenge.
The topic of this week is TENSION. So I’ll name the drawing – The tension of suspension.


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  1. Леночка ! Класс ! Я просто в восторге.

  2. это новое прочтение ,
    дерзкий способ иллюстрации
    смесь таланта с вдохновением
    темы вековой – три грации . мама

  3. Lovely 🙂 I think you did really well with the poses – they all look like they are moving to the same dance

  4. I love them with thier curly shadows, their voluptuous thighs and beautiful hairdo’s!

  5. three graces is a common classical theme. your interpretation is very subtle and ironical, especially when remembering, it was inspired by Botticelli’s, but yet complimenting the subject. very very nice.

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