Almost There


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  1. я бежала в этой жизни все по острому по краю
    чувствую – почти пришла ,
    а куда – сама не знаю .

  2. Strangely, this reminds me of a recurring dream I have where I try to run but can’t, or run very slowly like through mud. I never get to my destination – always ‘almost there’ just like your picture!

  3. contrast between “flying” hair, uplifted toward light face (thought?), accentuated by too long a neck, and heavy, static weight of a body, too lazy to follow. whole story, philosophical and poetic. and beautiful linework.

    • I think you are the only one who got this drawing…

      • I think, following your work for a while, that your drawings express some deep hidden discomfort you have in your life. call it crisis, if you want. from what I see around, it’s very common. think, couple of chats with a shrink will do you good, seriously.

      • I think I know everything there is to know about my self, I don’t think I will discover something new from a stranger who gets paid for that. I don’t believe in psychology, since it is really difficult to scientifically prove any results of any research in this field. There are no absolute or even relative measurements and it is all subjective. But yes, it helps to talk to smart people who are willing to listen and have good advice 🙂

        On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 2:56 PM, Lena Gorelick

      • also it is tempting to think that I draw myself most of the time, but it is not true. It is just my features are most familiar to me (at least the way I see them and I draw them), so it comes out automatically. Besides, many of the drawings are results of random scribbling accidents.

      • if I solve all my discomforts and crises what will I draw then?

  4. I meant exactly “talking” to someone, not any “magical pills”, only someone who leads you towards asking yourself right questions and looking in some corners, you never dare. you’ll be surprised, how little we know ourselves, because we don’t ask right questions. I don’t have too many illusions about modern psychology neither, but I think, really good shrink will not suggest his own answers for you, only help you to get you own.

  5. don’t have illusions, even “accidents” are leaks of your subconscious. you always draw yourself, even if you don’t mean to.

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