Woman with Black Flowers

Back to vintage photography today.
They used to know what beauty is…
The original photograph can be seen here (one before the last):


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  1. Как всегда великолепно!

  2. Such lovely linework! I really like your takes on these old photographs – they have a beautiful but haunting feel about them. I like the first photograph in that link too – with the woman looking in the mirror – you could do something great with that one! 🙂

  3. I really like having your comments Stacey. But if you see something that is not perfect and could be improved, please do not hesitate to write so. This way I can learn. I will look at the other photographs again. thanks!

  4. unexpected mix of different techniques, strange, but works somehow…

  5. I like that you are open to critique. I like this one but am not sure what to make of the swirling, dotted lines above the hair. I like the face, neck and shoulder/clothing areas. The hair needs something.

  6. Как весна Ботичелли она хороша
    В ней сокрыта искусства живая душа

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