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  1. Эфрат никогда не видел ,но уверен ,что портрет похож на оригинал.

  2. Хоть я и незнакома с ней \ но , судя по портрету , \ средь добрых поместить друзей \ модель ты можешь эту .

  3. interesting. but could be even better, if it wouldn’t have this anatomical distortion in the face. told you already, anatomy is the point to which you should pay greater attention to make a progress.

  4. Anatomic distortion is the result of introducing my style into the portrait, there was no distortion at the initial stages of the portrait when there are only lines present. It is a necessary sacrifice. Without the style it would have been a boring half-realistic portrait. In general I am less worried about anatomy. Photography can do much better in terms of anatomy 🙂 . Many artist distort self-portraits on purpose to emphasize this or that aspect of their personality, including the greatest Modigliani and Picasso. I am not pretending to be the greatest, just a student.
    Nonetheless I will keep working separately on more realistic portraits to improve my perception of individual anatomy. I appreciate your comments.

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