Paola Volkova

After listening to her lecture about Picasso


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  1. Производительность потрясающая! В день по два рисунка !

  2. good, good…

  3. You’re good in nailing the character to the paper, catching expressions, telling the story behind faces, you intuitively catch something, that fascinates, some inner content, that makes the graphic form not to look like some unconnected mannerism, but rather like a veil lifted a little bit, revealing a part, but hiding even more, some secret, letting a space for exploration…. I think, portraits is exactly your area. But in order to do it better, you should pay special attention to anatomy, make it a goal of your exercises.

  4. I think your description of my art is better than the art :). Thanks!
    I will try to pay more attention to anatomy. Usually I only look at the subject and not at my lines during the first stages of the drawing. May be I should try a pencil then so I can fix lines and disproportions.

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